What would happen if your staff received an email that they thought was genuinely you. Asking them for urgent assistance, to arrange an amazon gift card or help paying an urgent bill with a new supplier.

Could they actually pay it ?

As the email was not actually sent by you, it’s a specific kind of cyber crime called whaling, where the hacker tries to impersonate the boss. These hackers are getting more clever than ever before, they spend hours learning about you and your staff. Just think what information you already have shared about you and your business. Using social media such as LinkedIn / Facebook they can see the structure of your business, they know who pays the bills.

Whilst we do not back stopping using social media for your business or yourself, it is important to ensure you have the correct training in place for all staff. Whilst you can filter out a lot of non genuine email there will always be one email that makes it through.

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