IT Security

As our businesses become more dependant on our IT networks, the need for increased IT Network Security becomes more apparent. It’s vital that we ensure that sufficient levels of protection are in place to protect our networks, company data and more importantly client data.  Security of your Data is be a legal responsibility depending on your area of business so IT network security shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Gone are the days where Anti Virus software was all that was required.  A Multi tier approach to security is now required.

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Strengthening Your Digital Defences: IT Security Solutions by Commercial Networks.

In today’s interconnected world, the security of your enterprise’s infrastructure is foundational to maintaining business continuity and ensuring operational efficiency. At Commercial Networks, we specialise in offering end-to-end IT security solutions that safeguard your online activities, data, and communications against the sophisticated threats of the cyber world. Our services are not just about protection; they’re about enhancing the speed and performance of your network by preventing, detecting, and removing Spyware across all workstations. We understand the importance of an effective E-Policy to guard against the legal implications of web browsing or company email misuse by employees. By working closely with you to develop a robust policy, we ensure your business enjoys maximum protection. Additionally, with the increasing threats online, our web content filtering solutions are essential for protecting your systems and valuable data, preventing costly compromises. Embrace our comprehensive approach to IT Security and safeguard your business against viruses, spyware, phishing, hacker attacks, and more, ensuring reduced downtime and maintaining your reputation and customer confidence. We pride ourselves in transforming your it security from a luxury to an indispensable asset.

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Unmatched IT Security Services: How Commercial Networks Safeguards Your Digital Realm

At Commercial Networks, we deliver IT security services that go beyond the conventional. Our method involves rigorous network security audits and assessments, laying bare the vulnerabilities within your existing network infrastructure. This critical insight forms the foundation of our partnership with you, as we collaborate to enhance your data security from the ground up.

Our multi-tiered protection strategy, spanning hardware to software, is meticulously designed to ensure your data’s integrity and confidentiality. Coupled with our dedicated SOC SIEM teams providing 24x7x365 surveillance, Commercial Networks offers a shield of protection that ensures your business is fortified against cyber threats at all times, preserving your integrity, data, and financial resources. In a world where security breaches know no time constraints, our commitment is to ensure that your business is protected at every hour, every day of the year.

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Frustrated with your IT system ? Constant issues should be a thing of the past. Mat and Steve and their team believe in creating a relationship with your business so that we can ensure current and future needs are met, we pride ourselves on our customer loyalty and dedication.

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WatchGuard Hardware Firewalls

We supply & support WatchGuard Firewalls, offering the protection, filtering, and event logging your network requires to stay secure. These solutions tackle a broad range of security challenges in one efficient package.”

Imagine a smart security system for your internet connection, akin to a vigilant security guard at your home’s entrance. It meticulously checks every visitor, allowing only the welcome ones and keeping your digital premises safe.

Data Backup & Recovery

We hope never to need it. But a comprehensive and well planned disaster recovery procedure is our insurance policy. In case the unthinkable should ever occur and we need to restore systems quickly and with minimal costs to the business.

Imagine a digital vault where all your essential files are duplicated and stored securely. In case of any digital mishap, you can retrieve your data easily, just like having a backup key to your treasure chest.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance(DMARC)

“Enhance your email authentication with our DMARC services, ensuring your emails always reach their intended inboxes, not spam. Protect your domain from misuse and enhance your business’s digital trust and integrity with our comprehensive solution. “

Think of DMARC as a bouncer for your digital mailbox, verifying the identity of every message. Only emails with the correct credentials get through, ensuring your inbox stays free from imposters.

Cyber Essentials

Gain a competitive edge with Cyber Essentials certification through us. This program verifies your commitment to cybersecurity, reassuring your customers and partners of your dedication to protecting their information.

Cyber Essentials certification acts like a seal of approval, showcasing your business’s robust defence against cyber threats. It’s like displaying a health and safety certification that assures everyone of your premises’ security.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Experience proactive cyber defence with Managed Detection and Response. This service continuously monitors and addresses cyber threats, ensuring they’re stopped in their tracks before causing harm.”

Picture a team of elite cyber guardians patrolling your network, equipped with the latest tools to detect and neutralize threats. They guard your digital assets tirelessly, ensuring uninterrupted safety.


Safeguard your business with our antivirus solution, shielding you from online threats, harmful attachments, and risky external devices. We offer a complete threat management package, including DNS protection and staff training, for total security.

Imagine an impenetrable shield surrounding your digital environment, repelling viruses and malware like rain off an umbrella. At the same time, your team is trained in digital hygiene, acting as vigilant sentinels who recognise and avoid potential threats. Together, this creates a fortified defence system, keeping your business safe and secure.