Enhance Your Email Safety & Deliverability with DMARC

Welcome to our simple guide on DMARC – your ally in making emails safer and ensuring they reach their destination!

What is DMARC and Why is it Your Email’s Best Friend?

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is like a superhero for your emails. It’s a standard that helps email senders and receivers work together to prevent spam, phishing scams, and other email-borne threats. By using DMARC, you’re putting a guard at your email’s gate, making sure only the trusted and legitimate emails get through. Get a clearer picture by checking out our detailed, easy-to-understand article.

Stopping Phishing in Its Tracks

Phishing attacks trick people into giving away sensitive information by pretending to be someone they trust. DMARC steps in by ensuring that emails claiming to be from your domain (like yourcompany.com) are actually from you. If they’re not, DMARC can tell email providers (like Gmail or Outlook) what to do with these impostors, such as moving them to spam or rejecting them outright.

Boosting Email Deliverability: The Journey to the Inbox

Ever wonder why some of your emails end up in spam? Without proper authentication, email providers can’t verify if your emails are legitimate. DMARC works alongside two other technologies, SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), to prove your emails are the real deal. This not only protects your recipients but also increases the likelihood of your emails landing in the right inbox, not the spam folder.

images illustrate the concepts of DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, key elements of email security and authentication

Why DMARC is a Must-Have in Your Email Security Arsenal

  • Protects Your Brand: Prevents scammers from using your domain to send harmful emails.
  • Increases Trust: Helps your audience know the emails from you are secure, boosting your reputation.
  • Improves Email Delivery Rates: Legitimate emails are less likely to be mistaken for spam.

Getting DMARC to Work for You: What You Need to Do

Ensuring your emails are authenticated and safeguarded against phishing and spoofing attacks is crucial for maintaining your domain’s reputation and the trust of your recipients. Follow these simple steps to get started with DMARC and enhance your email deliverability:

Step 1: Find Out If You Are DMARC Compliant

The first step to securing your email ecosystem is understanding your current DMARC status. Are you DMARC compliant? There’s an easy way to find out:

  1. Use the DMARC Checker Tool: Enter your domain name into the tool, and hit the “Check” button. In moments, you’ll know whether your domain is DMARC compliant and if any actions are needed to improve your email security. If you find any indicators in red or yellow for DMARC, DKIM, or SPF, it’s a sign we need to talk.

Step 2: Implement or Adjust Your DMARC Policy

Based on the results from the DMARC Checker Tool, you may need to implement or adjust your DMARC policy. This involves setting up the necessary DNS records to establish your desired level of enforcement – from simply monitoring email traffic to outright rejecting unauthorised emails.

Step 3: Monitor and Refine

DMARC is not a “set it and forget it” solution. Regular monitoring of your DMARC reports is essential for identifying unauthorised email sources and making adjustments to your policy as needed. This ongoing process helps ensure your domain remains protected against evolving threats.

Need Help?

If you’re unsure about your DMARC compliance status or how to proceed with setting up or adjusting your DMARC policy, our team is here to assist. We offer guided support to help you navigate the complexities of email authentication and ensure your setup aligns with best practices for maximum protection. Get in touch us on 0333 444 3455 or schedule a free chat with our experts here.

By taking these steps, you’re not only improving your email deliverability but also contributing to a safer email ecosystem for everyone. Start with our DMARC Checker Tool today and take control of your email security.

Do You Need a Managed Service Provider for DMARC?

While you can set up DMARC on your own, navigating its nuances can be tricky. A managed service provider specialises in email security and can:

  • Set up and manage your DMARC policy, ensuring it’s correctly implemented.
  • Monitor email traffic, identifying any issues with email delivery or attempts at fraud.
  • Provide detailed reports and insights, helping you understand your email ecosystem and improve security.

Essentially, we take the complexity out of email authentication so you can focus on your business.

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