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Our Managed IT Services -No matter the size of your business, Commercial Networks can help support your IT needs by using our years of experience and cutting edge tools to better advise our customers.

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Understanding Our Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services from Commercial Networks Limited encompass a full suite of solutions tailored to your business needs. This approach means entrusting your IT operations to us, ensuring efficiency, reducing downtime, and optimising your systems. Our services include 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, cybersecurity protection, and ongoing support. By partnering with us, you gain access to top-tier IT expertise and technologies, enabling you to leverage the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

Why Partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

When you partner with an experienced MSP like us expect no less than:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet of IT support at a single, predictable monthly price.
  2. Enhanced Security: Like a digital fortress, we protect your precious data from the hackers.
  3. Proactive Support: We’re the IT equivalent of a superhero, stopping problems before they become disasters.
  4. Scalability: Your business grows, and so do your IT needs. We’re here for the long haul, adapting as you evolve.
  5. Expertise and Innovation: A team of experts you don’t have to recruit train or manage .

Fully Managed IT Services

Our Fully Managed IT Services are tailored for businesses looking for a complete, outsourced IT solution. This service is perfect for companies without an in-house IT department or those seeking to free up their existing IT staff to focus on more strategic projects. By entrusting your entire IT infrastructure to us, you gain the luxury of a full-scale IT department without the complexities and expenses of managing one in-house.

This comprehensive model covers every aspect of your IT needs. From 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance to cybersecurity and end-user support, we handle it all. Our team becomes your team, offering expert advice, implementing the latest technologies, and providing rapid response to any issues that arise. This ensures that your IT systems are always running efficiently, securely, and in alignment with your business goals.

Co-Managed IT Services

Our Co-Managed IT Services are designed for businesses that have an in-house IT team but require additional support. This collaborative model allows your team to retain control over certain IT aspects while leveraging our expertise where needed. It’s an ideal way to augment your team’s capabilities, ensuring comprehensive IT coverage without the cost of hiring additional full-time staff.

What we Offer

Think of our Managed IT Services as your extended IT family. Managed IT Services are ideal for businesses that want to leverage technology as a driver of growth and efficiency, but without the burden of managing technology themselves. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy advanced IT capabilities, with a predictable monthly cost and no surprises. We’ve got your back with:

  1. Unlimited Telephone and Remote Support: Like a tech-savvy friend, always there when you need help – just a phone call or click away.
  1. Unlimited Onsite Support: We’re more than just voices on the phone. Our friendly team will be right there beside you for any hands-on fixes.
  1. Proactive 24/7 Monitoring: Like a guardian angel for your systems, we’re always watching over them to nip problems in the bud.
  1. Pre-emptive Maintenance Visits: We don’t wait for problems. Regular check-ups keep your IT in tip-top shape, like a health plan for your tech!
  1. Service Level Agreement (SLA): Our promise to you in writing. Fast, reliable, and always there – that’s our commitment.
  1. Hardware Procurement and Installation: Think of us as your personal IT shoppers, picking out and setting up the perfect tech for your needs.

On Premise support

Sometimes hardware fails, or you just need an engineer to be onsite to diagnose a problem.

Our on-premise support is on hand. From infrastructure issues to hardware faults and preventative maintenance. Our team will be on hand, in house to keep your systems running smoothly.

Why Choose Commercial Networks as Your MSP?

Choosing us means choosing peace of mind. At Commercial Networks Limited, we blend cutting-edge technology with a personal touch, crafting IT solutions that aren’t just effective – they’re a joy to use. Let’s make IT the easiest part of your business!

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Help & FAQs

Yes, we are quite flexible. Upon realisation that these maybe an alternative for start up companies or organisations with less than 5 employees we extent our services to provide Adhoc IT. With our online call logging system you can monitor the amount of hours used and top up your hours when you need to.

  • Flexible, with no contract or commitment level
  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Pay for what you use
  • Access to a dedicated and fully trained technical team
  • Ideal for those with fewer IT Support requirements

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