Cyber Security, time to be proactive. It seems that nearly everyday we hear of a cyber attack on large organisations, less publicised are the threats to SMB’s.

There is an increasing dependence on use of the internet, especially with the introduction of cloud computing and cloud services. As such there comes a greater security risk. The information you hold on your network is of great interest and value to many criminals, especially personal information and financial details. Their capability to break into your data and cause you harm has never been higher.

Fortunately even though the risk has increased, there has also been a massive increase in available tools and technologies to combat threats of this kind.

We are able to carry out a complete security audit of your entire. This will help you understand the weakness in your existing setup and enable us to advise on policies, procedures and available software / hardware that will secure your critical data and systems – both internally and externally.

Modern IT Networks are a very complex blend of different technologies, all of which need to work seamlessly with one another. When things go wrong it can be both a difficult and time consuming process to determine what went wrong.

We believe that regular audits and health checks of your IT network are an essential process, one which can avoid unnecessary downtime and save time and money. Our technical consultant will conduct a complete examination of all servers, workstations, network equipment and software in use across the network. The aim is to identify any potential problems, determine where improvements can be made and to ensure your organisation is getting full value for its IT expenditure.

They will then produce a comprehensive and jargon-free written report, which includes:

  • Existing IT infrastructure topology
  • Identified problem areas
  • Recommendations on areas such as network security and policy, licensing, naming conventions and critical updates

This report will enable you to prioritise your future investment on your IT network and support in the short, medium and long term. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many customers have found the network audit report to be an invaluable tool when planning their IT strategy.