If it has been more than 5 years, then your overdue an upgrade to your phone system.

Why Upgrade ?

You probably upgrade many things every few years such as your mobile, tablet or laptop. Business phones are no different. Developments in voice technology have been huge over the years. Gone are the days of patchy calls on a VoIP system with suppliers unable to deliver.

Commercial Networks offer a fully managed, hosted and backed up phone system for your business. We will install setup and show your staff how to use it. We use 3CX for the phone system itself we have been using it in our business for the last 8 years and it just works.

3cx for your business phone system

With the benefit of reducing your costs by up-to 60% we are sure it will prove a worthy investment.

3CX provides more than just voice calls the system allows live chat, video conferencing and simple apps for when your away from the office. It gives you all the features of the 3CX software rather than adding bolt ons for digital receptionist, voicemail etc.

Have a lot of staff but dont use the phone much ?

It is unlike many other competitors in this field as the cost is not based on the number of users. It is based on the number of simultaneous calls at once your business needs. Meaning your could have 100 users for as little as £130 per month including your local, national and UK mobile calls.

Worried about how you get your current number or numbers across, well don’t we allocate an account manager to deal with all of that for you. They will happily train your staff and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. Want to book a call with us at a time to suit to discuss further ? Our directors Steve and Mat’s calendars are available to schedule your slot here

Want to find out exactly what features you get or how it can transform your business. Take a look at the 3cx web site here

Watch our new video to see the benefits from installing a 2020 VoIP system for your business.

When did you last upgrade your business phone system ?