Google have recently announced the increase in G Suite pricing. This makes Office 365 from Microsoft more appealing. We have been transferring customers from many different email systems. We believe the price increase will push more businesses down the Office 365 route. G Suite range of products will still appeal to a variety of businesses who can run in a browser. A lot of small and medium businesses however still like to use traditional desktop applications such as word excel and outlook.

Whilst the Google price increase will not price Google out of the market it may work out more expensive than using Office 365. Many clients who get in touch with us about cloud technology think that Office 365 is purely email. It is far more than this with SharePoint for document storage and collaboration you can forget the cumbersome server onsite or that NAS box recommended by a friend that has never properly worked since it was purchased. Access everything from anywhere is the 365 theory link that to a cloud based phone system like 3CX and you can truly work from home on the snow days.

Gsuite does have a whole host of features which still makes it value for money. The google price increase still makes it a viable option for your business, we are not anti Google but we can not all know everything. We took the decision when starting out with Commercial Networks that we would only offer our support and services across the Microsoft range of software. After all a lot of businesses are used to running Excel Word etc on their laptops and PC’s and we do not see this changing.