Are you paying to much ?

Is your business using Office 365 ? Many businesses today have moved from on premise server technology to cloud based solutions.  Whilst these solutions offer a great way to collaborate and work, your monthly costs could be going up and up.  We find that by carrying out a free review of your Office 365 subscription there can be some big savings to be made.  If you manage your own 365 environment there may be users that no longer work for the business where your keeping their account open just in case you need to refer back to an email.  This is not required as within Office 365 you can move these users to a shared mailbox releasing the license and saving you the monthly subscription.  Do you realise their are reports within the 365 admin portal which show how many products are being used daily ?  With these reports it can be a simple process of establishing if users do not need the license they have.

Office 365 subscription over charge

Are you using a re-seller like Commercial Networks to purchase your monthly subscription ? We see a growing number of IT companies charging a markup on going direct to Microsoft for an Office 365 license.  They justify this additional cost as a management fee or service cost.  We never charge more than Microsoft for the monthly cost, as a silver cloud service provider we are able to cover the administration cost direct from Microsoft saving you money.  We can easily move your subscription to our billing platform from your current re-seller enabling you to start saving on your monthly costs.

With Office 365 it is more difficult to be under licensed than on premise solutions but there is a risk of over-licensing.  Part of this problem is down to Microsoft re-sellers.  For example  E1 doesn’t install locally while E3 does.  People feel they need E3 and buy for 7,000 people but probably only 40% of the workforce needs it.  Some staff need just email and others don’t require SharePoint

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