Remote Working Solutions

Make the leap from self managed to cloud and become part of a reliable & straight forward IT system that your business can depend on.  Remote working is here to stay ensure your staff can work remotely safely and securely.

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Work effectively wherever you are

As we have all adopted the new work from home during the COVID outbreak. Remote working is becoming a more popular option being offered to staff. Is you remote connection offering an increased risk to data theft or malware and ransomware infection? Did your IT supplier deliver the solution quickly and in a rush to meet demand ? Now might be the ideal time for an independent review of your systems and connectivity. We can carry this out easily via our remote deployed application which will allow us to scan for risks.

Remote working in the cloud

With the advent of the Cloud technology it is now possible for your company to use remote working, and allow employees to work effectively and productively whenever they are. Yet there may still be a need to have access to all the resources in the office.

Remote working options

There are numerous options for remote working. Microsoft Office 365 allows for true collaboration. We all remember and some still use shared folders and mapped network drives. With SharePoint from Office 365 this moves the data to the cloud allowing staff to access the documents anywhere.

With more of the workforce using systems away from the office. It is important to be able to carry on holding meetings both internal and with clients. Teams by Microsoft allows your team to keep in touch. The Teams application is constantly evolving. Based on feed back by the Microsoft users to see the new features coming soon please click here

If the devices your staff use are owned by the company then the next option may work well for your business.

You can use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to give employees access to files and databases stored on the office servers. It is also possible to connect multiple sites to the head office using hardware VPN boxes or firewalls to maintain a constant link between sites.

Allowing staff to use their own devices.

If your business has struggled to source additional laptops or equipment to work from home. We have solutions where you can safely allow staff to use their own machines and devices to remote control a machine back in the office. This allows you to ensure your systems stay protected from threats such as ransomware.

We can provide a full range of solutions to allow remote working, but also allow you access to reports on users accessing the system. You can also restrict access specific allowed logon hours. Your current network may already have everything you need to allow access but it has never been enabled. Our team can configure this for you allowing users to pickup email and work from home. No more issues with staff calling in to say their child is ill or the car has broken down, our team of support staff can even take control of their machine to show them how to connect.


Increased Productivity

You can locate employees where they are most needed instead of tying them down to the office.

Remote Working


Employees whose role has them constantly on the move have full access to emails, files and databases no matter where they are.


Calmer work environment

Employees can work from the comforts of their own home, striking a good work-life balance but without the stress, noise and distractions of a busy office environment.

Reduce office costs

Reduce office costs

There is no need for a large office or a large amount of workstations if employees can work from home and still have access to resources needed to be productive.