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Ransomware attack

A Ransomware attack is a growing problem within the world of technology, its where someone locks you out of your systems and data. Then you have to pay a ransom to get this back. The usual method of payment is Bitcoin and can range from several hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands.

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It is one of the fastest growing crimes online, no wonder as its so lucrative to criminals. Thanks to COVID and work from home more and more businesses are opening themselves up to the threat.

It is estimated there are more than a hundred calls to insurers every day relating to problems caused by ransomware attacks. So unless you take precautions, your business could fail victim at some point. Our Managing Director Mat Deaville believes that every business in the UK at some point will fall victim of such an attack.

Has your system already been hacked by ransomware?

What many people do not realise about these types of attack is that hackers could have accessed your systems weeks ago. They tend to gain access prior to the attack to prevent IT security experts from helping, also it can make backups useless. If they had accessed your system 3 weeks ago would you want to restore your system back that long ago and potentially have to re do 3 weeks worth of work ?

What can your business do against a ransomware attack ?

Luckily there are signs you can look out for. Ways in which you can spot if your system has already been breached, and an attach is imminent.

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What do we do to help our customers against ransomware attacks ?

Using our monitoring agent that we load on all customers machines we actively monitor new software loaded on. We also spot any unusual behaviour on machines such as higher network usage. New processes running on the machine using higher amounts of memory or processing power.

Which firewall ports are open on customer machines and have any new ones been opened recently ? We capture this information and are constantly looking for anything out of the norm. None of our customers can become a customer until we have deployed our managed Anti Virus software and DNS filtering. This allows us to know the relevant protection is in place to help combat attacks of any kind.

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