Network Secuirty is vital in any size organisation.

It was recently estimated that 90% of all PC’s are harbouring 30 or more pieces of Spyware/Malware and that these are to blame for half of all PC crashes within an organisation.  Network Security is no longer just Anti Virus software.

Spyware is a general term for a class of harmful applications that are distributed through the user browsing the Internet in a “normal” fashion. Typically Spyware is installed without the user’s knowledge by attaching itself onto what seems a harmless download.

Once installed it secretly gathers information from the infected PC. This includes facts about the PC itself, the user’s browsing habits and the network the PC is sat on. This personal information is then transmitted over the Internet connection without the user’s explicit consent or knowledge.

The potential for damage to your network and organisation from Spyware includes: thefts of personal and intellectual property, opening a backdoor into your network, violation of privacy, productivity losses and bandwidth costs.

Our services

There are a number of free software products which can be loaded on each and every PC. We believe that by using multiple software products the performance of your PC’s can be severely decreased. Add to this the time involved going around each machine making sure it is up to date and has been scanned recently, means you can be wasting many hours protecting your PC’s.

Commercial Networks Ltd can provide enterprise-wide solutions for network security that prevent, detect and remove Spyware on all machines from your central server. By using AVG we can offer one product to protect against Spyware, Malware and Virus infections, all controlled from the same management screen. All the updates are only downloaded once to your server living bandwidth for your internet usage. At a glance you can quickly see which machines have failed to pick up the update and re deploy it to these machines.

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