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Newcastle-under-Lyme businesses need transformative IT Support Services that elevate enterprises to the next level. The right IT support does more than fix problems—it transforms your business. It’s not enough to just have an IT service provider; to really stand out, you need a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are. That’s where we come in. With our premier IT Support Services, we offer more than solutions; we provide a partnership designed to elevate your business to new heights. Our team at Commercial Network doesn’t just support your current operations; we’re committed to driving your growth and ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds its goals.

Understanding the critical role of IT security in today’s digital landscape, we’ve tailored our services to include cutting-edge IT security solutions for businesses in Newcastle-under-Lyme. This isn’t just about keeping your systems running smoothly—it’s about securing your digital frontier against evolving threats, ensuring that your business isn’t just surviving, but thriving.

We recognise how costly downtime can be, which is why our approach is proactive, not reactive. Our managed services are crafted to guarantee maximum uptime and ensure business continuity. With us, you’re not just getting an IT service; you’re securing a dedicated partner ready to protect and enhance your operations with comprehensive IT support and security. Trust us to be the guardians of your digital domain, keeping you a step ahead in a competitive market.


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Our Free Consultation Inclusions

Full Security Audit

  • A thorough examination of your existing cybersecurity measures.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities, risks, and areas for improvement.
  • Recommendations for enhancing your security posture to guard against cyber threats.

Software and Hardware Assessment

  • An evaluation of your existing software and hardware to determine their efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with your business objectives.
  • Recommendations for upgrades, replacements, or new implementations that can optimize your operations.

Complete Report

  • A detailed report summarising the findings of the security audit.
  • Insights into your current software and hardware infrastructure, with assessments of their performance and suitability for your operations.

Customised and Costed IT Solutions Roadmap

  • A tailored roadmap proposing a sequence of IT solutions designed to address the identified challenges and meet your business goals.
  • A clear costing of the proposed solutions to help you budget and plan accordingly.

What we Offer

Robust IT Security Solutions

In a digital world, IT Security is paramount. Our comprehensive security solutions protect your data, ensuring peace of mind against cyber threats. Stay ahead of potential risks with our proactive monitoring and state-of-the-art security technologies.

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

Embrace the power of Microsoft Office 365 with our expert guidance. Enhance collaboration, productivity, and business efficiency with a suite of tools designed to propel your business into a future of success. 

Seamless Telecom Solutions 

Our Telecom Solutions provide a reliable communication backbone for your business. Experience clear, uninterrupted communication channels that are crucial for operational success and customer satisfaction.

Cyber Essentials  

At Commercial Networks Ltd, we’re committed to fortifying your digital operations. Our Cyber Security services are expertly tailored to defend against evolving threats, guaranteeing robust protection and enabling you to conduct business with unwavering confidence.

Unmatched IT Support Services 

With Commercial Networks Ltd, you have a partner who understands your IT challenges. Our IT Support Services are designed to provide quick, reliable solutions ensuring minimal downtime and continuous business operations. 

Comprehensive Data Back Up 

Commercial Networks Ltd provides peace of mind with our Comprehensive Data Backup Solutions. We ensure your data is backed up consistently and securely, enabling swift restoration to maintain business continuity no matter the situation.