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Is your business’s data for sale on the dark web?

Online there are places where you can buy anything illegal…. drugs, guns and business data. It is called the dark web.

It is used by criminals to buy anything illegal including the data stolen from businesses throughout the world. They then use this data to try and hack your computer systems .

In this weeks video we tell you about an ongoing way to see if your business’s data is for sale.

It could happen to you

Every day in the UK there are over 500 identities being stolen. It pays to take action and keep your personal and business information safe.

Want to find out more about why this matters don’t take our word for it read further here


Monitoring is simply not enough, it is vital that you have multiple layers of security for your business. There was a time when anti virus software was adequate for your business. We believe today that by having multiple layers of security we can better help your business to avoid attack. That is not to say your business will ever be 100% protected. By using different layers you minimise the risk of a user clicking a phishing email and entering their password into a fake website.

By using hardware and software you can achieve this tiered approach, we have for years been installing Watchguard firewalls as perimeter security. This sits at the entry point to your network offering a higher firewall than your standard router. It is similar to your anti virus in that it will constantly update to pickup on new attacks. It will scan the data and connections coming into your network and block anything suspicious. It checks the websites your staff visit to make sure they are legit not on any suspicious lists and staff are not being redirected from a legitimate site. To see more on our firewall solutions click here.