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In the demanding world of legal services, having a reliable IT partner who understands your unique needs is crucial. At Commercial Network, we specialise in providing bespoke Managed IT services for law firms in Staffordshire and beyond, ensuring your legal practice operates smoothly and efficiently. Our expertise in supporting solicitors and legal proceedings means we offer more than just IT support; we become an integral part of your team, understanding and serving your best interests.

We know the importance of secure and efficient case management software like Clio, as well as other widely-used platforms such as LEAP, Proclaim, and SOS. Our services ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of these tools, allowing you to focus on your clients and legal matters without worrying about technical disruptions. Your solicitors can trust us to handle their IT needs with the same diligence and professionalism they offer their clients.

Partner with us and experience the difference of having a true IT partner who understands the complexities of the legal industry and is committed to helping your firm thrive.

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At Commercial Network, we understand the unique IT needs of your law firm . We also understand the need for secure e-discovery tools, and secure client communication platforms. We recognise the importance of confidentiality and compliance in your field, and our solutions are designed to meet these stringent requirements.

We provide 24/7 assistance, ensuring you have expert help available whenever you need it, whether it’s resolving a technical issue before a court appearance or accessing critical case files during late-night prep sessions. Our proactive IT management includes regular audits, security assessments, and system optimisations to prevent issues before they arise.

Partnering with us means you can focus on your legal work, confident that your IT infrastructure is secure, reliable, and optimised for success. Let us handle your IT challenges so you can deliver exceptional legal services to your clients without interruption.

We understand the challenges solicitors face because we specialise in supporting law firms. Your generalist provider may not understand how to support your firm, but we do.

  1. You have important client information and work with heavily regulated organisations, but you’re not sure if your security is where it needs to be!
  2. Your internet went down again! This is a consistent issue, and it always seems to happen at the absolute worst times…
  3. The competing firms are able to join remote hearings and their video/audio looks great… why am I still using a webcam?
  4. You need to be able to open remote locations easily and track the productivity of the employees in those locations!
  5. A new computer was just installed, but it’s missing key applications and the employee is stuck!
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Commercial Networks ensures Consistent and Productive IT Support Services for your Law Firm.

We know every minute is critical in your fast paced legal industry, hence why your law firm needs a reliable and secure IT support to stay competitive and efficient. Handling complex cases, adhering to court deadlines, and maintaining continuous client communication leaves little room for IT issues. Gain peace of mind with secure remote connections to your office, enabling access to vital case documents and history when you need them, whether you’re traveling or in court. Our single fixed-rate monthly fee helps you manage your IT expenses predictably, keeping you within budget and avoiding unexpected costs. As digitalisation continues to transform the legal sector, the need for robust IT solutions is more crucial than ever.

At Commercial Network, we specialise in providing IT Support Services for Law Firms, addressing the unique challenges faced by legal professionals:

Enhanced Security

With our comprehensive legal IT services, we implement multiple layers of top-line security systems and applications to safeguard your confidential data. Round-the-clock remote monitoring ensures your firm’s information remains protected against cyber threats and compliant with regulatory standards.

Efficient Remote Management

Our services facilitate easy setup and management of remote office locations, allowing you to monitor productivity and maintain seamless operations across all branches. We also provide a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan, ensuring your data and systems are securely backed up offsite and easily restored in case of any disaster.

Reliable Internet Connectivity

We offer robust network solutions to eliminate downtime and ensure your firm remains connected, even during peak times. This reliability prevents disruptions that can occur at the most inopportune moments.

Round-the-Clock Support

Experience unparalleled support with our 24/7 technical assistance for any IT issues you encounter, ensuring you have help whenever you need it. Whether it’s a minor glitch or a major disruption, we ensure that your law firm can maintain its productivity and focus on delivering excellent legal services without interruption.

Superior Remote Hearing Setup

Enhance your remote hearings with upgraded audio and video systems. Our solutions ensure top-notch quality, making your remote presence highly professional. Additionally, secure access to your files from any authorized device boosts productivity for you and your team.

Seamless Onboarding

We ensure all new computers and devices are fully configured with essential applications, allowing your staff to hit the ground running. Our solutions also optimise and automate routine tasks, saving you valuable time each day.

By partnering with us, your law firm can overcome IT challenges and focus on delivering exceptional legal services to your clients, confident in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is secure, reliable, and optimised for success. Learn more about the importance of a Managed IT Service Provider your legal practice here.

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