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Commercial Networks offer a fully managed IT service for insurance brokers of any size

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IT Support for insurance brokers

We at Commercial Networks understand how critical IT support for insurance brokers is. both our Directors Mat and Steve have years of experience working with brokers using all of the key broking systems. If you are a start-up or a large corporation the team at Commercial Networks have the knowledge to ensure you have the best solution in place.

As we know the brokerage software such as offerings from Applied Systems, SSP, OpenGi, Acturis to name just a few we can ensure your IT systems fully work and incorporate the needs of the brokerage software. From arranging updates out of hours and managing your security settings we can ensure maximum up time for these applications.

With cyber security the key focus, we always ensure that the highest level of advise and tools we use help protect your data and systems. What would be worse than admitting to a cyber breach to your clients you have sold cyber insurance to. We feel the best way to protect you is a multi-tiered approach with various different systems protecting you. Not to forget the all important security awareness training for your staff. With monthly short videos and questions to test the knowledge and random phishing emails to try and catch them out. This all comes with monthly management reports so you can see the increase in your staff’s knowledge.

Remote working for insurance brokers

Over the recent pandemic we have seen the increase need to work remotely. As an insurance broker you gather and store confidential data on your clients and their businesses, you need access to this data from anywhere securely. We support your teams where ever they choose to work, in the coffee shop, from home, a client site. The way we can offer this differs with the broking system you use but we always ensure your staff can access the files and data they need when they need it regardless of device they are using.

How can Commercial Networks help your insurance brokers ?

We offer a full range of IT services, including routine support and maintenance, and strategic business reviews to ensure your IT and communications are ready to scale with your business needs. We include fully managed IT support for insurance brokers which includes all patch and threat management and we’ll look after your complete estate.

We will discuss your business growth plan to ensure you can make informed decisions about future IT plans.

With less day to day issues and reduced interruptions you can ensure your staff have the tools and time to get on with their jobs. As your single point of contact, we will respond to all of your needs, which includes working with leading software vendors in the insurance sector.

Protection and security are a necessity in todays business world. With the highly sensitive data you hold we believe that by offering a range of reviews, training and phishing testing we can keep your data safe. We work hard to ensure the safeguarding of your data and keeping your reputation from harm, whilst remaining compliant with regulatory bodies. You are seeing the cost of Cyber policies increasing and insurers asking for more and more details such as MFA on systems, what better way to prove your security baselines are in place than with a Cyber Essentials or Essentials Plus certification, we work and offer these to many brokers.

Benefits of our IT support for insurance brokers

We work with leading vendors in IT cloud, hardware and software. With this knowledge we are ideally suited to deliver independent advice and support for the full range of IT services. Out IT management is comprehensive, equipping you and your staff with the tools to thrive including:

  • 24×7 network monitoring
  • 24×7 remote support
  • Patching and updates
  • Management of new users
  • Regular site visits
  • Procurement and budgeting support
  • Strategic Planning

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Frustrated with your IT system ? Constant issues should be a thing of the past. Mat and Steve and their team believe in creating a relationship with your business so that we can ensure current and future needs are met, we pride ourselves on our customer loyalty and dedication.