VOIP phone system cost from our experience of selling installing and managing VOIP systems there is two formats of charge. A lot of providers charge per extension that you have set up these typically start from £10 per extension per month for the basic features. Then if you additional services such as call recording voicemail these may be an additional cost per extension.

The other pricing model is based on simultaneous calls, this means the maximum number of calls in use at a single point in time across the phone system.

Which option is best ?

When looking at VOIP phone system cost both options are valid it depends on your business and how you use there telephony services. We have found over the last few years that there is far less usage of telephones. So the extension model can work out more expensive for your business. VOIP phone systems can save you money on traditional phone systems as there is no PSTN line rental or ISDN rental charges and most include all your call charges to UK mobile and Landlines.

How much does a hosted VOIP phone system cost from Commercial Networks ?

We offer a complete hosted VOIP solution for our clients everything is included as standard the only additional cost to the options below is any handsets you may want on your desk. We only offer the simultaneous call option rather than extension billing method. We have done this to ensure you can easily see our VOIP phone system cost. All of our plans include your calls to UK mobile, local and national.

4 Simultaneous Calls

£90 per month + Vat

8 Simultaneous Calls

£140 per month + Vat

16 Simultaneous Calls

£270 per month + Vat

24 Simultaneous Calls

£370 per month + Vat

32 Simultaneous Calls

£480 per month + Vat

48 Simultaneous Calls

£680 per month + Vat

64 Simultaneous Calls

£880 per month + Vat

What is Commercial Networks VOIP phone system

The system we provide is 3CX we have used this for many years for our own phone system. You can find more details on the 3cx website here they have options to buy direct that may be suitable for you business. The systems we provide are based on there professional product version. We provide everything within our costs such as updates, backups, maintenance and of course support for when your business needs it.

Business phone system

VOIP phone system smart phone app

You are no longer tied to the office to answer your calls. With the 3CX smart phone application your extension follows you no matter where you are working. Within the application you can make calls as your office number so clients no longer get your mobile number and then start calling you evening and weekends when your trying to enjoy family time.

3CX Mobile App

Do I need a desk phone ?

Many of our clients choose not to have desk phones any more, with more and more people working from home a few days a week why carry your desk phone around. By using the 3cx application on your machine you can use the same headset your already using for Zoom, Teams tec. To see more about the application see the video below:

To discuss our hosted VOIP phone systems do not hesitate to get in touch with us